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Describing Timbre. Here are a few words commonly used to describe either timbre or tone quality. Reedy Brassy Clear Bright Focused or unfocussed Breathy Dark Rounded Piercing Strident Harsh Warm Mellow Resonant Heavy Light Fla Examples of timbre are the ways used to describe the sound, so words such as Light, Flat, Smooth, Smoky, Breathy, Rough, and so on are what you use to distinguish one sound from another. How you recognize the different sounds or voices you hear is attributed to the timbre Different timbres are described using words like brassy, breathy, round, full, or bright. You can use different types of vocal timbre to create a sound that gives the right feel or emotion to your music Favorite Answer. people can sound, bright, clear, smoky, sultry, guttural, broken, mournful, hollow, full, rich, dark, wooden, tinny, well rounded, cookie cutter, nasal, throaty, or like a..

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  1. There are various terms you can use to describe a particular sound's timbre. The list of attributes below is certainly not a completely inclusive list as there are many ways you can describe a sound. However, it should give you a good idea of words that can be used to describe timbre. Dull; Bright; Breathy; Cold; Warm; Rich; Delicate; Brassy; Thick; Thin; Nasal; Ligh
  2. Timbre can be defined as describing the tone-colour or tone quality of a sound. It is how we identify the difference between the quality of tone of one instrument/voice from another. For example, if a flute and an oboe are playing the same note, the pitch may be the same, but the timbre of each of the sounds is very different
  3. Many words are used to describe timbre. Some are somewhat interchangeable, and some may have slightly different meanings for different musicians, so no attempt will be made to provide definitions. Here are a few words commonly used to describe either timbre or tone quality. Reedy ; Brassy ; Clear ; Focussed or unfocusse
  4. Positive Words to Describe Tone of Voice. Try one of these options if you're looking for a positive word to describe tone in the context of a person's voice. authoritative; caring; cheery; conversational; casual; enthusiastic; firm; formal; frank; friendly; hesitant; humorous; informative; irreverent; matter-of-fact; nostalgic; passionate; playful; professional; respectful; seriou

- A voice with a full and engaging timbre, that flows easily and contains in it a sense of gravitas and experience. Ringing - A voice which carries easily and can be heard clearly over music and other voices (often used to describe tenor voices in opera). Seductive - A voice that oozes sex appeal and conveys a sense of persuasion. Soulfu Velvet Fog voice. A voice with impeccable timing and a smooth, mellow tone. This word was awarded to Mel Tormé who was known during his heydays as The Velvet Fog and can be used to signify a voice like his Carrying the same principle into song, we find that a voice naturally shows the timbre appropriate to the mood. SPIRIT AND MUSIC H. ERNEST HUNT Her voice was a modified edition of her mother's, lazy, rich and sweet, but with keener timbre. SOUTHERN HEARTS FLORENCE HULL WINTERBUR Synonyms for timbre include sound, resonance, tone, ring, tonality, color, colour, voice, accent and beat. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com Words used to describe someone's voice - thesaurus. Related words. adenoidal adjective. if someone's voice is adenoidal, some of the sound seems to come through their nose. appealing adjective. an appealing look, voice etc shows that you want help, approval, or agreement. a voice like a foghorn phrase. a very loud voice

Like most things singing related, peoples opinions and descriptive terms differ on this subject, but generally speaking the word 'register' is used to describe a section of the voice. These 'sections' are loosely catagorised by how cords vibrate, glottal and pharyngeal shape, where the voice resonates in the body and the resulting quality or timbre of the voice Casting the right voice requires a combination of a creative concept and a suitable voice that can evoke an overall positive appeal from your audience. This is why learning how to describe a voice is so crucial. If you're looking for a voice actor for brand advertising, dubbing or voice overs, you've come to the right place

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Lustrous and metallic, dominates lower-pitched middle voices. Very bright in the upper register though less full sounding. Its brightness makes it more audible. The division of an instrument's entire range into registers conveniently describes those areas of the human voice and of wind instruments that have the same timbre Master List of Words to Describe Voices. 62 Comments / Writing Inspiration and Resources. Hey friends! A month or so ago, a reader named Katy told me that she was finding my book Master Lists for Writers brilliant with helping me not overthinking about specifics. Yay

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Timbre is a word that describes the tone or unique quality of a sound. If you play the same note on a piano and on a guitar, each note will have its own timbre. Though an electric saw has its own timbre, as does the sound of a tree whooshing through the air, don't confuse timbre with Timber! the word you shout when chopping down trees More Than 250 Adjectives to Describe Voices. Some of the following words tell rather than show. For instance, describing a voice as mocking tells in one word what might be better shown with dialogue and body language: You're no better at darts than your puny brother, Jim said, eyebrows raised Another word(s) for timbre is tone color. The timbre of a note produced on an instrument or sung by the human voice is determined in part by the size, design and make up of the instrument or vocal chords, what is being vibrated and by the way the sound is produced Tone refers to an author's use of words and writing style to convey his or her attitude towards a topic. What the author feels about the subject is often defined as the tone. What the reader feels is known as the mood. [Suggested reading: 140 Words To Describe Mood In Fiction] Tip: Don't confuse tone with voice

Timbre definition is - the quality given to a sound by its overtones: such as. How to use timbre in a sentence. timber and timbre Commonly used words are shown in bold.Rare words are dimmed. Click on a word above to view its definition

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Timbre in modern English generally refers to the quality of a sound made by a particular voice or musical instrument; timbre is useful in being distinct from pitch, intensity, and loudness as a descriptor of sound. What are some words to describe timbre 20 min - Theory Shortly explain what timbre is. (A term describing the tonal quality of a sound.Timbre is a more complex attribute than pitch or loudness, which can each be represented by a one-dimensional scale (high-low for pitch, loud-soft for loudness); the perception of timbre is a synthesis of several factors

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Words, movement and timbre. January 2009; Authors: vocables are words that describe musical sounds, tor may use their voice to describe the sound their student Timbre is a word that describes the tone or unique quality of a sound. If you play the same note on a piano and on a guitar, each note will have its own timbre B. instrument or voice C. recording device D. person Answer Key:B Question 3 of 10 10.0 Points Which one of the following words might be used to describe an instrument's timbre? A. quiet B. slow C. brigh

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(1) you must demonstrate your moral timbre as a human being (2) a voice high in pitch but rich in timbre (3) The difference between string timbres and percussion timbres is intentionally blunted here. (4) The plainchant was delivered faultlessly, and gave a flavour of the complementary timbres of the male voices Nat King Cole: An Incandescent Voice What defined Nat King Cole's greatness, and his groundbreaking success, wasn't his piano playing; it was his voice

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A tone is the kind of sound you hear in a musical note, or in a person's voice live or in writing. A newspaper article should be objective, but a poem can bring up all kinds of emotions, depending on the tone A unique timbre for every instance of the rapping voice. As a point of departure, we can consider the rapping voice, while having pitch, to be percussive but not necessarily percussion. This comes as a result of all the different syllables (more technically, phonemes) that each language has Even though writing about music is like dancing about architecture like Gerald Klickstein said, we can always try to do that. That's why I compiled this clear and groovy list of positive words to describe music and sounds.. List of positive music words

Timbre, tone color, and tone quality are synonyms for the character of a sound or voice. The timbre of an instrument is made up of its unique vibrations, or frequencies with several techniques to produce different timbres. Place voice close to head, farther away from head, change opening of mouth, vowel placements, etc. In plain language, describe how each effect sound Meaning Through Sound AA In the Kpelle language, the sound of words or phrases often indicates the meaning or provides an aural cue to the meaning

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This voice is characterized by impressive high notes (hence the name, which comes from the Italian sopra or above) and a timbre that usually sounds brighter or more sparkling than the other voice types. But don't let the word bright fool you---sopranos are often capable of immense depth and richness of tone What words describe the sound of a piano? Many people use the terms bright or mellow to describe the tone of a piano. These words tend to reflect the spectrum of tonal harmonics. The quality of these tones determine which words to use for the sound, such as tinny (bad) or clear (good). Read more in this guide Timbre - Piano - prepared piano (experimental music), playing percussion with beaters, sticks, hands etc. Hitting different parts of the drum kit e.g. centre of snare or rim of snare. Articulation Legato - Smooth Staccato - Short, detached Accent - Emphasise the note Tenuto - Stress the note Voices SATB choir

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1. Say the word Buh out loud like you're saying the word butter. 2. Next, find a comfortable note at the bottom of your voice (again try C3 for guys and G3 for girls) and sing the word Buh on that note with the same strength as you were speaking it. 3. Finally, sing the Buh on the same 5-Tone as the last exercise Words that describe musical timbre Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free When describing timbres, we compare the sound's characteristics against objects we've previously encountered in the world. Describing something as changes in the sounds of voices (4) The plainchant was delivered faultlessly, and gave a flavour of the complementary timbres of the male voices. (5) Different composers describe perceiving different colours with different keys, instrumental timbres , or harmonic structures. (6) This changes both the timbres and the chords that are available to the violinist

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Examples of timbre in a sentence: 1. She scanned his face closely at the timbre of those words. 2. The timbre of his voice struck curiously on my ear. 3. The voice was hollow, its timbre d.. The following article explains how you can describe music using the 10 most common musical parameters: Rhythm, tempo, harmony, melody, instrumentation, dynamic, texture, genre, form and temperature. If you use this 10 words to describe music you are much more capable of talking about it while actually expressing yourself clearly and understandably When we use the word tone referring to someone's voice or a musical instrument, we mean the quality of the sound. A synonym would be timbre: the characteristic sound of a voice or instrument. Because it's such a general term, and because tone is difficult to describe in a concrete way, we use words like dark, bright, strident, smooth, broad, or heavy to describe singing tone. <br><br.

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Definition of Timbre. We can define timbre (pronounced tam-ber) as the specific tone or quality that a certain instrument or voice has.. It is also known as tone color or tone quality, so if you see these terms being used instead just know they all mean the same thing.. It is essentially what allows people to hear the difference between two separate instruments or voices, even when they. Words, Movement and Timbre Alex McLean and Geraint Wiggins Center for Cognition, Computation and Culture Department of Computing Goldsmiths College fma503am,g.wigginsg@gold.ac.uk Abstract Phonetic symbols describe movements of the vocal tract, tongue and lips, and are combined into complex movements forming the words of language. In music.

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monophonic—one voice or line polyphonic—many voices, usually similar, as in Renaissance or Baroque counterpoint) homophonic—1. a melody with simple accompaniment; 2. chords moving in the same rhythm (homorhythmic) heterophony—mixed or multiple similar versions of a melody performed simultaneously (rare in European music; possibly used in Ancient Greece) polyrhythmic. Full Disclosure: many of the samples I share in this article are from the See-A-Dot Music Catalog, a company for which I am the director. Unlike many aspects of the experimental music world, choral music in the western classical realm has historically avoided employing a variety of vocal timbres in any given piece, usually defaulting to the inherited English choral cathedral tradition However, if your voice is squeaky, your words unintelligible, or your voice too loud, their positive impression quickly will become negative. If you want to communicate effectively and positively influence your audience, you must pay special attention to your psenakgi voice. THE MEDIUM OF YOUR MESSAGE. Your greatest tool as a speaker is your voice 219 Words To Describe Sound posted by John Spacey, January 15, 2021. Sound can be described in terms of its properties and characteristics such as pitch, intensity, duration, timbre and texture or musical properties such as rhythm, melody and harmony. Sound can also be described with analogies to senses, concepts and things. For.

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What does tone-color mean? Tone color is the quality of the sound of a human voice or a particular instrument, particularly in comparison to other. Timbre's Impact. Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley, and Elvis Presely each have certain qualities that make their timbres of their voices unique. The timbres these vocalists present each provide different meaning to each artist's respected songs, giving each song a distinct identity The word used to describe the sound or tonal quality of someones voice is timbre. Every singer has an individual sound because everyone's anatomy is slightly different. Just as each person has a different height, weight, hair color, skin tone etc; we all have slightly different shapes, sizes and thicknesses of the parts of the body involved in singing 250+ Ways to Describe Voices: A Word List for Writers Kathysteinemann.com More Than 250 Adjectives to Describe Voices Some of the following words tell rather than show. For instance, describing a voice as mocking tells in one word what might be better shown with dialogue and body language: You're no better at darts than your puny brother, Jim said, eyebrows raised

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How to describe timbre of a voice keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, 40+ Ways and Words to Describe a Voice and Beautiful Tone. Wayssay.com Generally used to describe a female's voice. E.g. Her luscious voice made the crowd turn wild Timbre in sound doesn't describe anything we haven't already explored. What's important to know is that sound is characterized by pitch, loudness and quality. The ear can tell apart a variety of sounds, whether it's a dog barking or a car passing by Timbre (pronounced TAMber) is the tone quality of any sound. It enables us to identify and distinguish between a piano and a guitar, or the bark of a dog and the moo of a cow. Timbre also helps us to recognize a familiar voice. The timbre of a grown man's voice is stronger, fuller, and deeper than that of a five-year-old boy Words like tinny, dark, and bright are common ways to describe the timbre of the sound. TECHNIQUE Technique refers to the ability of the musician to control their instruments (or their voice) to produce the exact sound they need to for their music voice. o The particular timbres of each voice, and the characteristics which make us distinguish one from another o The timbres which constitute the phonetic conditions in relation to the degrees of vocal pitch which we examined in Lesson IV. o The intermediate shade between the ten types examined, which shades are subject to the exigencies of the accents given to spoken words; this obliges us.

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I mean an actual voice...how do you describe the timbre, the pitch, the texture of a person's VOICE??? My mother had our home movies put on a CD for my brother and me for Christmas. My brother and I talked over the weekend and he commented that it's too bad there was no sound on these movie (hey, they're OLD movies!) because he can't remember two of our grandparents' voices Audiophile Words Glossary of Terms to describe sound. Articulate - Intelligibility of voice(s) and instruments and the interactions between them. Timbre - The tonal character of an instrument Timing - A sense of precision in tempo. Tinny - Narrowband, weak lows,. Have you ever heard the word 'timbre' and the upper range of a singer's voice. Knowledge application - use your knowledge to answer questions about what timbre is and how to describe.

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