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  1. Stellen Sie iCloud / iTunes-Backups selektiv auf dem iPhone / iPad wieder her. Kein Datenverlust auf Geräten während der Übertragung, Sicherung und Wiederherstellung
  2. Itunes Backup kostenlos auf Ihr Gerät. Holen Sie sich die letzte Version. 100% Sicherer Download
  3. Kontrollera att du har tillräckligt med ledigt utrymme i iCloud för säkerhetskopian. När du loggar in i iCloud får du 5 GB lagringsutrymme i iCloud utan kostnad. Om du behöver mer iCloud-lagring kan du köpa mer från din iPhone, iPad, iPod touch eller Mac. Tjänsten startar med 50 GB lagringsutrymme för 0,99 USD i månaden
  4. Back up iPhone using your Windows PC Connect iPhone and your computer using USB. In the iTunes app on your PC, click the iPhone button near the top left of the iTunes window. Click Summary. Click Back Up Now (below Backups). To encrypt your backups, select Encrypt local backup, type a password,.
  5. To let iCloud automatically back up your device each day, here's what you need to do: Make sure that iCloud Backup is turned on in Settings > [your name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup. Connect your device to a power source. Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network. Make sure that your device's screen is.
  6. Back up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iCloud. With iCloud Backup, iCloud automatically backs up your iOS or iPadOS device information over Wi-Fi when your device is turned on, locked, and connected to a power source. iCloud backups count toward your iCloud storage. You can also back up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using your computer

Av den anledningen är det lika viktigt att regelbundet säkerhetskopiera allt innehåll på Iphone som det är att ha backup av datorn. I fallet Iphone finns det i princip tre sätt att spara viktig data så att den inte försvinner om olyckan är framme: automatiskt till Icloud, via Itunes på din pc eller Mac, eller med ett tredjepartsprogram Photos and videos, settings, app data, home screen, iMessage, SMS Text, MMS messages, and ringtones. You can select the iCloud backup option from the settings for your iOS device in iTunes when connected, or from the iOS device itself. You can perform backups automatically or manually Med iPhone backup-fil, kan du återställa alla stöds telefoner (de kan vara Android/Nokia Symbian-telefon och iDevice). I fönstret, klickar du på Återställ. I den nedrullningsbara menyn

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In the button bar, select General. Under Backups, select Back up your most important data on your iPhone to iCloud. Select Back Up Now. This will begin an immediate backup of your iPhone to iCloud, much as you would on your iPhone without plugging it in Skip Backup Apps, if asked. (They'll likely re-download anyway.) Unplug your old iPhone when done. Turn off your old iPhone. Take your SIM card out of your old iPhone. (If you don't have a new or separate SIM card for your new phone.) Wait for the backup to complete before proceeding. Put your SIM card into your new iPhone Backup iPhone to external hard drive . For those who backup via iTunes/Finder, the journey isn't finished. Now it's time to backup iPhone to USB drive, an external hard drive that won't affect your storage on Mac. This should be done very carefully There are several ways to automatically back up your iPhone or iPad. You can use iCloud backups, but you must have enough free space in your iCloud account. iCloud backups also lack transparency: you don't really see what gets backed up and you cannot browse the contents of a backup

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  1. Unlike other cell phones and PDAs, all of which use your computer's mobile sync utility, iPhones are backed up through Apple's iTunes. Even though backing up your iPhone with iTunes is very simple, the procedure is not readily apparent in iTunes. Restoring your iPhone to the most recent backup is also easy
  2. Important to note: because iPhone and iPad backups take up your storage space in iCloud, and 5GB probably isn't going to cut it for most people. If you're wondering just which iCloud storage plan you should get , I'd say that most people should probably go for the 50GB of 200GB plans, while those using Family Sharing should probably spring for the 2TB plan just to be safe
  3. Backup iPhone without iTunes for Free - Syncios Syncios, a free iPhone management tool is available to safely and easily back up iPhone data without iTunes or iCloud to computer.. Data which can be backed up includes but not limited to purchased music, TV shows, apps, apps data, books, photos and video in the Camera Roll; device settings (Phone Favorites, Wallpaper, and Mail, Contacts.
  4. Backup is one of the most important things you can do with your devices, but iPhones make it tricky. In this piece, we show you how to backup your iPhone to an external hard drive in just a few.

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How to Create an iTunes Backup. Launch iTunes to get started. If you have a Windows PC, you'll need to download iTunes from either the Microsoft Store or from Apple's website. if you have a Mac, iTunes is already installed.We used the Microsoft Store version for this process, and it worked perfectly.. Connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac using the included Lightning-to-USB cable It will also overwrite any previous backups for contacts and calendars. If you organized photos into albums, those albums will not back up to Google Photos. Contacts and calendars, from services like Facebook or Exchange will not back up. Start your backup. On your iPhone, install and open the Google Drive app. In the top left, tap Menu Follow these steps to backup iPhone contacts with iTunes. Open iTunes and connect your iPhone to a computer. Your phone is automatically detected by iTunes. Click on the Device tab. Locate Summary and click on Back up now. Then iTunes will backup all data on your phone Den iPhone SMS backup verktyget kommer att omedelbart upptäcka din iPhone. Efter det har du fönstret. Steg 2. Säkerhetskopiera iPhone SMS, MMS och iMessages . Klicka på Tillbaka upp telefonen om du vill ange säkerhetskopieringsfönstret. Gå till mitten av änkan och fästing textmeddelanden

Innan du ens funderar på att nollställa Iphone bör du ha backup på den. Säkerhetskopiering är extremt viktigt, och har bara blivit viktigare i takt med att vi lever mer och mer av våra liv i mobilerna. Du bör så klart alltid säkerhetskopiera telefonen oavsett om du ska nollställa den eller inte,. How to Back up iPhone Text Messages to iCloud. iCloud is a way that allows you to sync your messages to iCloud w ith a Wi-Fi network connection. With iCloud backup, you can view your data on other iDevices, like Mac or iPad, but you can't back up the only wanted messages like iTunes. So if you have lots of data on your iPhone, you may not know how long does iCloud backup take

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  1. Backup iPhone to computer, Mac and PC. iOS backups to external hard drive. Wireless, private and automatic, iMazing is the best backup solution for your iPhone and iPad data
  2. The iPhone is so well-made, stable and reliable that it almost seems like it doesn't need to be backed up. But you should, and here's how to backup iPhone. [Note: this article has been.
  3. Del 2: Återställa iPhone Data från iCloud utan iTunes Backup; Del 1: Återskapa Data direkt från iPhone utan någon Backup . Detta sätt är bra för människor som inte har någon backup för sina iPhones efter dataförlust, varken på iTunes eller i iCloud. Det enda sättet du måste prova är direkt skanna din iPhone för att hämta.
  4. When Contacts is first enabled, your iPhone contacts will immediately be synced with your iCloud account. Any changes that you make will synchronize across all of your connected devices. You don't need to perform a full iCloud Backup to save your contacts. The contacts sync separately from the iCloud Backup

Part 1: How to Backup iPhone without Passcode via dr.fone If you really wish to backup iPhone without password in an easy-breezy yet a fruitful way, we would highly recommend you dr.fone - Backup&Restore (iOS).It is a wonderful program for Windows as well as Mac users which is really effortless to use and assures complete safety while using it The steps involved to backup WhatsApp on iPhone using iTransor for WhatsApp are as follows: Step 1 Run the program and click on the 'Back Up WhatsApp on Devices' tab. Then connect your device to the computer and... Step 2 You will come to the backing up screen right after you click Back Up. Just. 4 Easy Ways to View iPhone Backup Files on Computer. Regularly backing up your iPhone to iTunes or iCloud is essential to avoid data loss. iTunes is a powerful app developed by Apple Inc. playing multiple roles: media player, media library, Internet radio broadcast as well as mobile device management utility with which you can create an iPhone backup on the computer

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Backing up your iPhone is always a good idea. Maybe your phone is misbehaving and you hope to fix it by restoring it to factory conditions and applying the latest backup. Or perhaps you're. Furthermore, backup iPhone via iTunes or iCloud could be a good choice, and then delete the data to free up space. However, backing up iPhone via iTunes or iCloud means you never can get access to backups you made unless you plan to restore your iDevice Whatever the reason is it is important that iPhone SMS backup and restore app used fulfills the purpose completely. In this article we introduce the top 10 SMS backup and restore apps/software for iPhone. Now let's check! 1. dr.fone dr.fone - Phone Backup (iOS) can be regarded as the best system based SMS backup and restore app for iPhone

Learn how to backup iPhone on iTunes in this short and quick tutorial! Every iPhone beginner must know how to backup iPhone on iTunes PROPERLY. In this video.. If you use and operate an iPhone 8, there's no better way of safeguarding your information other than knowing how to backup iPhone 8. With such a backup plan, you don't have to be worried when you lose your phone since all the information present in your lost or damaged phone will be still be securely preserved in your backup How to backup iPhone to Windows 10 with effective solutions? This post shows you two methods to backup iPhone to Windows 10 using iTunes or EaseUS MobiMover, the professional iPhone data transfer software and the alternative way to backup your iPhone to cloud storage instead of computer How to access, view and delete iCloud backup files on iPhone, Windows PC and Mac? Find answers in this well-arranged post. What's more, an iCloud alternative - EaseUS MobiMover Free is introduced to help users back up iPhone or iPad data with ease in a free way

1. Jihosoft Free iTunes Backup Extractor. Jihosoft Free iTunes Backup Extractor is an intuitive and handy application that you can rely on to extract and retrieve data from an iTunes backup of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.This free iPhone Backup Extractor tool makes it easy to access any iTunes backup file and extract useful data, including contacts, call logs, text messages, photos, videos. 1. Restore iPhone from Previous Backup in iTunes. This is one of the official Apple methods, but it definitely has its fair share of limitations. iTunes will only keep a single backup for one device — the last backup you made for that device 1 Backup iPhone Using iTunes. There are many ways to back up an iPhone and one of the common ways is using iTunes. When you have the latest iTunes installed on your computer you can easily use it to back up your iPhone data. You can back up iPhone using iTunes in the following way ; Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the computer then open iTunes

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Decipher Backup Repair would help you to fix corrupt iPhone backup with its years' experience. Follow the steps below to repair your iPhone backup. Step 1. Download and launch Decipher Backup Repair. Select your corrupt iPhone backup. Step 2. Click on the button Repair it and your it would start repairing. Step 3 Backup redundancy is very important. Personally I think it's a good idea to backup the iPhone to the Mac, then backup the Mac too, and also backup iPhone to iCloud. That way you have two backups available (iCloud and iTunes/Finder) should you need them That's it! Your device will now restart. How long does it take to restore iPhone . When using iTunes to restore iPhone, it usually takes up to 1 hour depending on the size of your backup.However, the larger your iTunes backup is, the longer it takes to restore iPhone Compare 2 Methods to Backup and Restore iPhone without iTunes: In part 1, you'll know how to use iCloud service to backup iPhone 5/6/7s/8 plus/X data without iTunes. It's free but slow. Because iCloud make online backup for your iPhone. The internet network connection could be to blame

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Backup iPhone with Windows using iTunes. Even though iTunes no longer exists on macOS and the backup feature is now integrated into the Mac Finder app, the software is still available for Windows. In fact, it's the recommended method for managing an iPhone or iPad with a Windows PC. Here's how to use iTunes on Windows to backup iOS devices Part 2: Recommend iPhone Exporter to Backup Files from iPhone to PC/Mac Exporting files from your iPhone to computer is often as easy task especially when using dr.fone - Data Recovery (iOS)(iOS 11 supported). This tools exports files from your iPad, iPhone and iPod Perfect Ways to View iPhone Backup Files on PC ApowerRescue iBackup Viewer EaseUS MobiSaver ApowerRescue. This is an iOS data recovery supporting nearly all units of iPhone and iPad. Prior the recovery process, the app will show all the scanned data from your iPhone backup. Hence, you will be able to access iPhone backup and keep only the ones. The backup process will likely take a few minutes to complete. The backup file that is created cannot be opened, it can only be used to restore an iPhone. If you need to find something in the iPhone backup file, you'll need to use a backup extractor

An iPhone or iPad backup password — sometimes called an iTunes backup password — is set when backing up your iOS device in an encrypted format. The password is securely stored on your device, so that whenever it is called upon to produce a backup, it will generate an encrypted one 6 iPhone Backup Password The music in your iPhone may very well be important to you. It may define your personality, emotions, likes, dislikes, and pretty much anything about you A Step-By-Step Guide to Backup iPhone Photos to Google Photos. If your cloud storage is exhausted with the heavy piles of photo and video albums and you do not wish to be charged bucks every month to store them to iCloud, then follow these steps that will help you get started with Google Photos to store your data How to Backup iPhone on Windows 10/8/7. Back up your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on a Windows PC or iCloud by following the steps of these backup methods shared below. #1. Backup iPhone XR/XS/X/8/7/6s Using iTunes. Backing up iPhone to iTunes Windows means copying certain files and settings from your iOS device to your Windows computer

Seamless backup/restore is one of the best features of the iPhone over the Android ecosystem. Google has been trying to offer a capable backup/restore solution over Android, but so far, their. Multiple device backup - IDrive online backup lets you secure unlimited Macs, PCs, Linux, iOS, and Android devices with a single subscription! Continuous Data Protection - IDrive automatically identifies the changes made to your local and cloud backup set - changes that are within 500 MB - and backs them up regularly, ensuring data protection between the scheduled backups

On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google Photos app . Sign in to your Google Account. In the top right, tap your Google Account profile picture. You can view if backup is complete or if you have items in wait to back up. Learn how to fix backup issues. Costs to back u Backup iPhone to Computer with AnyTrans. AnyTrans is the all-purpose iOS file management tool: expand your control over your iOS data beyond what is normally possible, without jailbreaking your iDevice.It is regarded as the best iTunes alternative that does a great job of backing up, transferring, and managing data on your iDevice Part 1. Backup iPhone to External Drive with Third-Party Software. Saving your iPhone backup to an external drive is a rather complicated task. But things will be much easier if you make use of some third-party software, for example, Jihosoft iPhone Manager.It is a reliable iPhone file manager and transfer tool that can help you easily manage and back up your iOS files without iTunes So, this is one of the ways to backup photos from iPhone to PC. Let's discuss the most straightforward alternative on how to backup photos on the iPhone to the computer. Method 2: How to backup iPhone pictures to a computer with MobileTrans - Backup The use of MobileTrans software is the simplest among the three

Typ: Snabbladdare och backup i ett Till: Iphone/Ipad Kapacitet: 32 GB medföljer, plats för minneskort Vikt: 350 g Pris: 600 kr. Betyg: 7/10. Fungerar automatiskt utan strul. Begränsad backup. 408180951112_10155971402951113 SENASTE PLUSARTIKLARNA Bli plusmedlem. Having a backup of our data on our iPhone device is a great idea so that whatever happens to our iPhone device, we will be at ease that we could just simply restore them back. Let's face it, one of the most important data that we have on our iPhone device is our SMS and we never want to lose them How to Backup Contacts on iPhone to PC or Mac Undoubtedly, iOS Data Backup & Restore is beneficial for you to back up iPhone contacts onto Mac or PC in a most flexible way. With this app, you can easily create a backup of any contents on your phone, or if you like, transfer the contacts to a computer Backup iPhone to PC with AOMEI MBackupper is a good way to release mobile space and protect data. Because the backup speed is very fast. Smartphones are growing steadily with the number of active users every day, so does to the demand of iPhone backup

When it completes backup iPhone X to computer, you can view backup data or view backup list. Top 2: iPhone Data Backup & Restore . Apeaksoft is a mobile data expert. This software will allow the users to backup iPhone to Mac and Windows PC both. The software offers a one-click backup and restore feature Backup content. iOS backups are made in a specific format set by Apple. iMazing cannot control the backup process itself. Backups do not include your iTunes Media Library (Music, iTunes U, Podcasts, Ringtones, Books and Movies synced or purchased on iTunes), so that data will not be included and should be synced separately if needed

Backup Old iPhone & Restore to iPhone 12 + Setup Process (Keep & Transfer Photos, Text Messages, Contacts, Music, Apps) | iPhone 12 Pro Setup & Data Transfer.. To start a backup to iCloud, connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi and then go to Settings and tap on the Apple ID/iCloud tab at the top, which also has your name. If you're not signed in, take a moment to. CopyTrans Backup Extractor allows you to recover data from backups created with iTunes, iCloud, or third-party software. Even if your iPhone is lost or broken, it is still possible to extract your contacts, photos, calendars, WhatsApp messages and other data to your computer - you don't even need a device for that

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This blog post contains useful info on how to backup iPhone X in easy ways using apt iPhone X Backup tools and step by step methods Metod 1. 1 Klicka på säkerhetskopiera kontakter på iPhone med MobileTrans . Wondershare MobileTrans eller Wondershare MobileTrans för Mac är en lätt-till-använda iPhone backup programvara, som hjälper till att säkerhetskopiera och spara kontakter från iPhone med ett enda klick. Det inte bara säkerhetskopiera kontakter sparade o iPhone minne, men också säkerhetskopiera de i iCloud.

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AnyTrans - Backup iPhone/iPad Notes. Backup over 3GB notes from iPhone within 32 SECONDS. Transfer Notes and its attachments, like images, videos, etc. Backup notes as printable and readable formats on computer. Allow you to view and edit notes on Mac/PC computer freely Precis som återställer iPhone från iTunes backup, kan Apple också inte du förhandsgranska innehållet i iCloud backup filer. Du kan antingen återställa den helt, eller ingenting. Innan du återställer måste du ställa in din iPhone som en ny, så att du kan återställa säkerhetskopian från iCloud. Bara gör det enligt stegen nedan Method 2: How to backup iPhone pictures to a computer with MobileTrans - Backup Step 1: Connect your iPhone with PC Install MobileTrans from the official website and connect the iPhone with PC after... Step 2: Select the photos A window will appear after connecting the iPhone with a PC. Here, you. How to Restore an Encrypted iPhone or iPad Backup. To restore an encrypted iPhone or iPad backup on your Windows 10 PC, launch iTunes and plug in your device. Click the device icon in the iTunes toolbar that looks like an iPhone or iPad. On your device summary page, locate the Manually Back Up and Restore section. Click the Restore. If your iPhone or iPad's backup is very large, you can first back up to your main hard drive, then copy that backup to the network drive and set the backup location of your device to it in iMazing. Make sure you use iMazing to delete the original backup - if you delete the backup folder with File Explorer or the Finder, iMazing will rebuild it from its versioning history

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iPhone Backup Extractor & Browser. Explore the file system and data of your iPhone and iPad backups on your Mac or PC. Recover any file, even from encrypted backups. Edit backups for advanced fixes and tweaks iPhone- und iPad-Nutzer können ihre Daten relativ einfach sichern. Entweder über Apples Online-Dienst iCloud oder auf einem lokalem Computer über die iTunes-.. The most important feature of an iPhone backup extractor is recovering messages, iBackup Viewer fully supports extracting iMessage and SMS text messages from iTunes backups, displaying iOS styled chat conversations, saving chats to pdf files and printing out to paper. Create HTML files for all messages. Supports extracting WhatsApp message history Free iPhone SMS Backup, the free tool to extract, export and backup your SMS messages from iPhone to your PC, Windows and Ma In this video, two Apple experts show you how to backup an iPhone to iCloud on iOS 11, the latest version of iPhone software.To backup iPhone to iCloud on iO..

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Backup iPhone Messages, Contacts, Photos, Notes and other data freely to computer without iTunes and iCloud. Moreover, you can back up data selectively and keep all backups on computer. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy Agree Part 2. Backup Photos from iPhone to PC Using Windows Explorer. Works Best For: People whose computer run on earlier versions of Windows.For Windows users, using Windows Explorer is probably the simplest way to transfer photos and back them up to the computer Step 1: Install the Google Drive app. On the iPhone, install and launch Google Drive. Tap Menu in the top left corner. Tap Settings. Tap Backup. Tap Start Backup. Before you start the backup, make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi and not mobile data to avoid extra charges and of course a stable connection This guide will show you how to back up your iPhone contacts so that you have them ready for a new iPhone or to keep them safe in case you break or lose your.. Backup iPhone for free and restore what you want with AOMEI MBackupper. Selectively backup & restore iPhone photos, videos, songs, contacts and messages. Safely restore backup files to device without data erase. Fully compatible with the latest iOS 13/13.5 and iPhone SE (2nd)/11/11 Pro. Download Freeware Size: 2.82MB For Windows 10/8.1/8/7

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How to Backup Contacts on iPhone with iTunes Step 1: Make your iPhone connected with your computer and start iTunes. Step 2: Click on the Device tab. Step 3: In the Summary option, click on Back up now And connect your iPhone SE to your PC. Step 2: Enter the backup mode. Click Back UP Your Phone option, which is located on the main interface of the program. This will lead you to the backup window. Step 3: Start to backing up iPhone SE data to Windows PC. Select all the data you would like backup and then click Start Copy Backup iPhone apps to iTunes - Backup and transfer purchased apps on iPhone . For any iPhone apps that you have already purchased, you are able to transfer and backup them to iTunes. The way is easy. Step 1 Open iTunes. First of all, authorize your computer with the same Apple ID you used to make the purchases After the backup iPhone to external hard drive is done, you may want to restore the data (obviously). Let's take a look at how to do that. Step 1: Exit iTunes on your PC where you plan to restore the iTunes library backup. Step 2: Next, connect the external hard drive and open it on your computer How to Restore WhatsApp Chat Messages and Photos from Backup on iPhone. The backup you made using the steps above will be stored in your iCloud account. To restore that backup, follow the steps mentioned below. Step #1. Before you do anything else, double-check that you're logged in using the same Apple ID which was used while making the backup

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iPhone Backup Viewer. There are so many so-called iPhone backup viewers. Each one looks the same by offering similar features and promising to help you easily get things from your iPhone backup on your computer or the Apple iCloud server Backup iPhone/iPad to iCloud. iCloud backups are incredibly convenient to perform. All you need is your Apple ID and a Wi-Fi connection. Once you then have the iCloud Backup setting enabled, your.

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There is no official way to backup WhatsApp to google drive on the iPhone, but if we employ certain android intermediators, we can carry out techniques to backup iPhone WhatsApp to google drive. One of the simple ways is to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to android and then go for creating the backup On iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, head to Settings. Tap your name at the top > iCloud. Swipe down and tap iCloud Backup. Tap the toggle to turn on iCloud backups if they're not already. You can. With this method, you can backup SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp or Viber messages to your computer including: emojis, voice recordings, various attachments: photos, videos, and contact files. This guide also comes in handy if you need to print iPhone messages for court, or you simply need to archive some old iPhone messages on your computer Consequently, DearMob iPhone Manager gives options to take a selective or full backup of device data and even restore it later when required. When I tried to iPhone data backup with this software, it actually took less than 10 seconds to complete the entire process and create the backup file, which is significantly very fast speed The Most Complete iPhone Backup Solution: Layered Backup. At the core of every backup plan is having one central place where you want to store all of your digital stuff; photos, videos, contacts, etc., regardless of the where they come from: your iPhone, Facebook, image scans, the Internet, etc. Typically this is your home computer or laptop Just tap on the *.vcf backup file in the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Mail client and restore your contacts for FREE. * In App vCard Restore Feature. * Set REMINDER to backup regularly (weekly or monthly) * Easily transfer contacts between iOS Devices using just email client. * Backup Contacts as VCF (VCard) or Export Contacts as CSV (Excel) file

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